Paul Colletti, Massage Therapist



Therapeutic Massage- Relaxation Massage- Deep Tissue Massage- Cranio-Sacral Therapy -Couples Massage Instructor


I am an ABMP-certified Massage  Therapist and have practiced massage therapy in Vermont since 1993. A graduate from the NJ School of Massage, I have furthered my massage skills through continuing education in deep tissue therapy, sports massage, acupressure, reiki, polarity therapy and cranio-sacral therapy. A massage session typically draws upon each of these modalities to bring about relaxation, pain relief, reduced emotional stress, easing of muscle tension and stiffness, boosted immune system functioning and a greater sense of well-being and self awareness. Clients have appreciated the presence and sensitivity I bring to my bodywork.  My practice includes men and women of all ages.  I look forward to being a partner with you in good health and wellness.


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